Horizon Zero Dawn has no FOV slider on PC

HZD won't have FOV on PC.

The PC version of HZD won’t have an FOV slider, as confirmed by Guerilla. The game will have ultra-wide support, but no slider to adjust the field of view as many gamers expect to come standard these days. Guerrilla Games’ Anne van der Zanden announced that FOV won’t be an adjustable metric and there will … Read more

Myth switches to using a controller in Fortnite

Myth switches to using a controller.

Pro Fortnite player Ali Kabbani (AKA TSM Myth) has picked up a controller and left the keyboard/mouse combo. During his recent stream, he explained that he’s no longer playing with his trusty keyboard and mouse anymore. Myth told his viewers that he’s left the “Keyboard Warriors” and now he’s part of the “Controller Army.” As … Read more

PewDiePie receives custom plaque for 100M subscribers

Another award for 100M subs.

The 100M subscriber celebrity showed off his new custom-made award in his latest video. Felix Kjellberg has surpassed the 100M subscriber mark and is the first independent creator to do so. Even though the Indian record T-Series has now claimed the crown, PewDiePie still holds bragging rights for being a sole producer. His video has … Read more

Dino Crisis remake? Capcom registers new trademarks for old classics

Dino Crisis remake

Capcom has just registered new trademarks for Dino Crisis, Rockman, Darkstalkers, and Power Stone. They’re no stranger to remaking games, as that’s what they’ve been doing for the past few years (and doing it well). Now, a tweet revealed that they recently just registered some trademarks on a few popular franchises on 11/29/19. Navigating over … Read more

DrDisrespect does his best shroud impersonation to date

DrDisrespect makes fun of shroud with a funny one-way.

The popular Twitch celebrity Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm mocks Michael “shroud” Grzesiek with a funny voice over during his latest broadcast of Modern Warfare on Twitch. They both have an ongoing rivalry since the beginning of time that’s only happened to be nothing but entertaining. Whether it’s all an act or they legitimately hate each … Read more