Anthem day one patch details notes.

Anthem’s day one patch doesn’t fix day one problems

Anthem’s day one patch has rolled out and players that have early access to the game have already begun to see some of the awesome fixes BioWare has been working on over the past few weeks.

However, new patches also bring some new problems or bring back old bugs (looking at you Fallout 76). Although Anthem is new and pretty unpolished at this point being that it was just released recently, some of those pesky bugs are just terrible.

A subreddit has been compiled with all the bugs discovered so far with the Anthem day one patch so they can share what they found out so far- and report all the problems that came back with this patch.

Some of the notable problems that the patch was supposed to fix weren’t fixed for all players. Other reports say that the loading times are still way too long and crashes are still present on the PC. CPU usage may be correlated to load times and crashing, but people are trying to see what’s going on- both players and Respawn.

Performance problems are the main platter for this dinner, and BioWare noted that in the changelog the game’s performance should be better on PC, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Players are reporting a worse FPS than before.

Sound problems are also present. The one that cuts out game sounds at random will still require a full restart.

Some of these promises were never fulfilled.

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