Spider Man 2 leaks draw up new theories, PS5 release

News is surfacing online that a new Spider Man game will be coming out on the PS5.

The gaming leaks subreddit discussed the possibility of a game leak from an unknown account. A rumor cropped up that discussed the possibility of Insomniac’s next Spider Man adventure.

The details discussed are as follows:

  • The game will be revealed around the summertime
  • Spider Man 2 will be single player only
  • The game takes place in Queens and Brooklyn during the winter
  • Peter Parker is the lead character, with Miles Morales as a major contributor
  • Players will be able to switch between the two characters
  • Some buildings will be enerable with new traversal mechanics
  • The world will be huge
  • Mechanics will be redone, with new web-chain abilities that allow quick travel
  • New animations and artwork with 3 swinging modes
  • Eddie Brock will have a major role and Harry Osborn will be Venom
  • Carnage and Mysterio will make appearances

You can check out the thread here.

This is all speculation and could be entirely fake. However, the discussion did draw up plenty of attention from fans.