PewDiePie’s editor says Pewds is addicted to making videos

PewDiePie, the long-reigning king of the subscriber charts, has recently announced that he’ll be taking a break from making more videos. This shortly preceeded Pewds taking down his own Twitter account.

Both of these actions left many PewDiePie fans wondering if he plans to quit YouTube or if he’s actually in need of a hiatus.

Over 102M subscribers and making daily uploads the entire time, he’s taking his content seriously.

His editor, Sive Morten, spoke with media company Metro and told them that “everyone needs a break.” He acknowledged that taking breaks can be detrimental to your channel, however, he also noted that it’s “worth it” for PewDiePie. Morten also noted how he himself needed a break also.

Morten then spoke about how PewDiePie is addicted to making videos and really does enjoy it. He also commented on PewDiePie’s work ethic and how he’s a machine.

From PewDiePie’s editor, the star doesn’t seem like he’ll be going anywhere soon other than taking a much-needed break. Perhaps we’ll see him come back with the 10,000% energy levels he announced.