Next Splinter Cell Confirmed? What we know so far

A report by VideoGamesChronicle claims that a new, core Splitter Cell game is in the works.

The brief article mentions that it’s currently unknown which Ubisoft team will be working on it. The game was recently greenlit and is likely far from official announcement.

We’ve gotten tidbits of hints that the next Splitter Cell game is coming out, but never any confirmation.

This VGC report is the solid piece of evidence that Ubisoft could finally be pushing forward with the next game in the series.

It’s said to be a core game, not some VR spinoff or mobile garbage dumpster fire.

Could this be the Fisher we’ve all been waiting for?

We haven’t had a dose since Blacklist in 2013. Even though Blacklist did stray from the focus on stealth, it was the last true game in the series that was somewhat true to the origins.

Sure, we didn’t get Ironside, tight-knit stealth mechanics, nor a single-player focused game. But it was the game that really still had some of the original flavor in it.

Ubisoft Montreal won’t be working on this one, so we don’t know who will be the group that’ll be reviving it.

We also don’t know if it’ll 100% be how we want it.

With Ubisoft going the way of GaaS with a focus on multiplayer, we may never see original Fisher.

Don’t get excited, but let’s see where they take this one. Perhaps it’ll Fisher vs. aliens or zombies or something.