SavageBabyDoll banned from eRa due to remarks; “Ban every little poor person”

SavageBabyDoll banned.

Twitch streamer SavageBabyDoll has been removed from eRa Eternity, a professional esports organization, due to her recent remarks during her recent stream. As we should know, streamers make money through viewer support by getting subscribers for that sweet, sweet recurring paydays. They can also make money from sponsors, ads, and merchandise to name a few. … Read more

No Man’s Sky Synthesis Update (V2.2) – What’s new?

Synthesis update No Man's Sky.

No Man’s Sky will be releasing a major update tomorrow on Thanksgiving day- 11/28. This will be titled Synthesis, which is the eight major patch so far. The update will have a few enhancements, optimizations for terrain manipulations, and some overall QoL fixes. The update follows the prior updates and continues the saga. Hello Games … Read more

ARK: Survival Evolved new moth-like creature- What is it?

ARK: Survival Evolved new moth-like creature- What is it? 4

Developer Studio Wildcard posted a new topic on the Steam discussion board for ARK: Survival Evolved. The topic was mysteriously titled “Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ????” Mysteriously enough, the post just had a picture of a cybernetic, futuristic, moth-like creature. The post asked the community what they think this creature is. And of course, payers chimed … Read more

What are the most recent instant “classic” games? Here are my top 3.

The Witcher TV series will be coming to the streaming giant this Fall.

Classics. What are they? Mario? Banjo? Sonic? Zelda? What are the classics of this current generation of the myriad of titles we can choose amongst? Out of all the games you recently played, which are the classics in your opinion? Which do you think will make its mark on gaming history? Are there any games … Read more

Blizzard launches more servers for WoW Classic in anticipation of “severe queues”

WoW Classic details beta

Blizzard’s WoW Classic premiers in just two days from now on Monday, and they’ve taken some pre-emptive action to prevent server downtime. Specifically, they’ve launched four more additional servers to their farm to help alleviate the queues they’ll have for sure on launch day. They know their servers will be busy, so they’re taking measure … Read more

PC Building Simulator now available on Xbox, PS4, and Switch

PC Building Simulator gets new hardware and keeps dropping content.

PC Building Simulator is now officially available for consoles. The you-build-it PC builder game has finally come out of PCs only and now console players can get their hands on this sim. For those who’ve never played, you basically start a small PC repair business. As you fix computers, you start to expand your business … Read more

Steam Workshop mods now require Valve approval

Steam Link now available on iOS.

Valve now requires that mod submissions to the Steam Workshop require their approval before they’re avaialbe to the public. Just a few days ago, they needed developers to get their approval before they can update release dates. Now, they need mod developers to follow the same path. A post on Reddit revealed this and the … Read more

Epic not looking to remove Brutes, will be keeping them in competitive play

Epic not looking to remove Brutes, will be keeping them in competitive play 14

As much as some players despise the new mechs in Fortnite latest update, Epic will be keeping them in competitive play. They’re actually called Brutes, and they’ve been a controversial move by Epic for the world’s most popular BR. Some players don’t care, but many others are looking to have them removed. Fortnite players report … Read more

Axis and Allies 1942 Online coming to Steam

Axis and Allies 1942 Online coming to Steam 15

Axis and Allies 1942 Online will be coming to Steam Early Access this week on Wednesday. This game is none other than a digital adaptation of the classic Axis and Allies board game that allows you to play as the UK, US, JP, Germany, and Soviet Union during WWII. Although the boardgame has been out … Read more

Blue Protocol alpha gameplay footage goes live

Blue Protocol alpha gameplay footage goes live 16

New gameplay footage from Bandai Namco’s new upcoming action RPG Blue Protocol was released from several sources. Blue Protocol will be released for PC and will feature traditional online RPG elements with various classes such as the Blast Archer, Aegis Fighter, and other classes. Right now, Blue Protocol doesn’t have much to show, as it’s … Read more

Newest Overwatch hero Sigma is a badass evil scientist

Newest Overwatch hero Sigma is a badass evil scientist 21

Overwatch will be getting a new hero called Sigma, who’s a cool-looking mad scientist from the future. He’ll be the latest addition to the pack. Sigma is a villain by nature, who was an astrophysicist who’s mind was basically broken by one of his experiments going wrong. Blizzard released a trailer demoing the character, but … Read more