Battle For Azeroth Pre-Patch; What’s new?

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s pre-patch will be released tomorrow, July 17th. After much speculation, Blizzard has revealed the survival guide for the pre-patch. It’s been a longstanding practice by Blizzard, dating all the way back to The Burning Crusade, which was the very first expansion ever made for WoW. Each time an expansion rolls out, they’ve gotten more creative and involved.

The version 8.0 pre-patch includes quests that set the scene for the whole faction war between the Alliance and the Horde. For players who want to do these quests, be sure to complete them before the official patch comes out because they won’t be accessible afterward. Artifact weapons will also be swept away with their effects integrated into class talents/abilities instead. This also means class changes. Classes will be revamped with new buffs and nerfs, but it shouldn’t be the level of Legion. The goal is to create more uniqueness between the classes:

“While we believe some specializations will need substantial iteration to achieve these goals, others will not, and our target is greater stability across the board.”

Other notable changes in 8.0:


  • A new open world PvP system – War Mode for PvP, off for PvE. No need to rerolls for wrong servers. Keeping it on will reward you with extra experience and rewards when questing
  • PvP talents and progression
  • Each profession will now have crafting categories separated by expansion
  • First Aid will be removed with bandages moved to Tailoring
  • A huge stat condensing, lowering numbers across the board to make them more readable
  • Sword swings will no longer produce six-digit numbers
  • Several abilities that were previously off the global cooldown are included

The full patch notes will be available before the pre-patch release. The Battle for Azeroth patch will roll out on August 14th.


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