BioWare acknowledges "hundreds" of Anthem bugs; Will fix some before free Anthem demo takes place 1

BioWare acknowledges “hundreds” of Anthem bugs; Will fix some before free Anthem demo takes place

Anthem had an amazing weekend for the VIP demo.

Even with the downtime due to overloaded servers, players seem to have had a very positive experience with the game. BioWare is prepping for the next demo session a few days from now which will be available to the public.

Many players faced difficulty getting into the VIP demo of Anthem due to the surge of activity. Either EA had no idea that these many players would show up, or they actually had a ton of server connectivity problems. Conspiricists even say that this whole thing was planned.

A total of 9M hours were played over the weekend with 1M strongholds were completed with 2M grabbits killed. Let’s see what happens this weekend during the free demo.

Regardless, BioWare and EA have stabilized the servers and players can now easily log in to the latest AAA shooter from BioWare. Even though they could log in, there was still a list of problems left on the game. Some of these were game problems more than server problems.

But BioWare is well-aware of this and they’re looking to fix them up as soon as possible before the next flood of players come in- and probably in multiples compared to the previous wave. A new post on the studio’s page by Chad Roberson, BioWare’s Head Live Service, acknowledges many of the problems that still exist in the Anthem demo.

A few of these will be fixed before this weekend’s free demo of Anthem:

Entitlement bugs

Server performance updates to address much of the rubber-banding

Fixes for infinite loads and more being investigated

Platform bugs to validate Javelin unlocks

Client and platform login bugs

Only a few of the problematic bugs are listed here. Roberston said that there are hundreds of other bugs they need to fix before the game actually launches. And of course, some of these will be in the Anthem demo this weekend.

The free demo will take place this weekend for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. Anthem launches on February 22, 2019.