Capcom confirms Monster Hunter film; Paul W.S Anderson director

After the recent Capcom announcement that the Mega Man games would get a shot at the big screen, another reveal was just announced today that they’re also making a Monster Hunter movie. Due to the huge, landslide success that is Monster Hunter: World, the film will be based around a duo of protagonists who attempt to survive in a world of mythical beasts.

Paul W.S. Anderson will be directing the film, who’s known for his work in directing Resident Evil movies from game-to-film adaptions.

Capcom also said that they’ll be distributing the movie in Japan to please the fans over there, who happen to take the game slightly more seriously than players here in the West- like us, for example. Toho will be the distribution company overseas.

We want to see a film that shows off a variety of the great beasts that crawl the earth and the struggles of humans in a world therein. The film has just been announced and no release date has yet be confirmed or even suggested. Stay tuned for updates for the Monster Hunter movie, which should follow up in the coming weeks.


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