Capcom unveils Resident Evil 2 remake costumes, weapons, details

Capcom revealed some details about its upcoming horror game Resident Evil 2 remake. Specifically, Capcom went over some facts about the Digital Deluxe Edition of this remake of one of the most iconic RE games of all time.

This remake was confirmed nearly 3 years ago and has still been in development since them. Capcom showed off some of the first footage during Sony’s E3 presentation. As we inch towards the release date early next year, Capcom has revealed some more details about the game.

Some major differences include a camera over-the-shoulder rather than the static camera that was both annoying and iconic for its time. Tank controls may or may not still be present. The graphics and artwork for the remake are outstanding. They’re true to the original game with familiar scenes yet with tons more detail and effects.

A tweet posted on Capcom’s Twitter account revealed the following details:

The Deluxe Edition will include a special reversible cover with Claire Redfield on one side and Leon Kennedy on the other. There will also be a trio of exclusive costumes for Claire called “Military,” “Noir,” and “Elza Walker.” Leon will have two costumes- “Noir” and “Arklay Sheriff.”

The bundle will also come with the retro soundtrack option to listen to the old, spooky tunes that once (and still) send chills down our youthful spines. Don’t you remember walking into a door but then the “safe room” music plays? You got that sense of relief compared to any of the other dreaded tunes.

And that’s not all. The Deluxe Edition also comes with the Albert Model Samurai Edge gun. You can see the goods on this promo poster:

Resident Evil 2 remake rolls out on January 25th, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The base game and the Deluxe Edition are both currently available for pre-order from most major retailers online.

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