Chucklefish is publishing Pathways- an indie turn-based RPG coming out in 2018.

Chucklefish is publishing a new strategy RPG called Pathway

Chucklefish announced that they’re publishing the strategy RPG called Pathway.

It’s being developed by Robotality and it’s a turn-based strategy RPG game based in the 1930s in the German military. Your partner Morten has vanished after investigating the Nazis. So you and your team go in and find him through many different locations. It has a basic storyline but a lot going for it in terms of gameplay and strats.

The game is procedurally-generated each time you play, so it’s always different and fresh. The game takes place in a variety of locations that are yours for discovering and uncovering. They’re pretty eerie looking. The game is rendered with gorgeous pixel artwork and offers a nice storyline to go with it. It’s a pixel and hybrid technology that gives a real feeling of depth to the environment.

The OST is composed by Gavin Harrison who has experience with Robotality’s games- like Halfway.

Each time you dive into a temple, you’ll have to strategize and plan your moves. It is a turn-based strategy game so you’ll have to decide and plan strategically to take down the baddies. As you explore and encounter bad guys, you’ll be familiarized with a combat system similar to the XCOM series where positioning, weapons, skills, and roles play a huge factor in your success.

Pathways will roll out for Mac, PC, Linux in late 2018. You can check it out on Steam or check out the official site for more info. If you like TBS, you should check out this indie game for sure.

Image via Chucklefish blog.

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