Darwin Project will be free to play soon.

Darwin Project is going free to play

Scavengers Studio’s Darwin Project has become free to play!

Darwin Project is a battle royale game that takes the battlegrounds up north. Players fight each under the control of a show director who has influence over the outcome of the game. The director can drop bombs, zone areas, and even screw up a single contestant (or all) at any time. The players need to adapt and use the environment in order to kill the others. Using tracks and searching for clues is unique to the genre.

The announcement was made on Steam by Creative Directory Simon Darveau. The game has been in paid Early Access until recently, so for those who paid for it, they’ll get some bonuses like the Founder’s Pack which contains MTL Legendary sets, 3 Legendary Axes, 3 Legendary Bows, and a full jumpsuit collection. You also get 5 Fan Gifts as well. They’ll all appear in your inventory automatically.

If you’re unhappy with the extra gifts you get, you can opt for a full refund no matter when you bought it. This is pretty nice of them, considering that you get bonus items that you decide whether or not are worthy of the price you paid.

Darwin Project will go free to play in hopes to compete with leading Battle Royale games. Charging for the game doesn’t seem to work when you have games like Fortnite dominating the free to play market. The game will also be free to play on Xbox One as well.

Photo: Steam.

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