Diablo 3 S18 will add 3 new buffs for players

Diablo 3 will be getting S18 coming later this month.

This new update will be more focused on adding player buffs for early and mid game players, rather than late game. The Power of the Triune will have new summon circles that can add new buffs for players.

One is the Triune of Love, which adds a 100% damage buff. The other is the Triune of Determination, which gives a 50% discount on resources. And the Triune of Creation will reduce cooldown of skills.

Players must be within the circle on the battlefield to get the buffs.

There will also be new powers and crafted equip reworks alongside cosmetic rewards. The original stuff you unlock since S6 will once again return to the Season Journey.

Older season rewards will once again become available to players who missed them. You can check out the full patch notes on Blizzard’s post here.

Featured image via Blizzard.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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