Dirt Rally 100% off on Steam right now; Grab it before 9/16

Dirty Rally is free this weekend until Monday 9/16. You can pick it up for free right now on Steam. All you need to do is log in, search for the game, and add it to your library.

The game features road-tested courses with over 80M miles built into the game. Choose from a bunch of the most popular sets of wheels you can imagine, from sleepers to dream cars. I don’t know anything about cars, can you tell?

Codemasters Racing Studio will be offering the full game for 100% off right now. Head on over to Steam and get yourself a copy. The game has fully customizable car setups, online modes, and fresh challenges all the time.

Even though I don’t play racing games, I’ll probably check this one out. The trailer for it looks pretty freakin’ amazing. I saw cars with huge spoilers. I’m sold.

David Wong

David Wong

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