EA taking feedback: Which Command and Conquer game to remaster?

A new thread posted on the Command and Conquer subreddit talks about remasters for classic games in the long-running series that’s kind of trailed off in recent years. The anniversary of Command and Conquer is once again coming up, and EA is reported to be reaching out to the modding community for support.

EA seems to be looking for feedback to see which games fans want to be remastered. Deciding which title gets the HD remaster is the big question. The thread doesn’t detail anything else, such as platform, payment, release date, and even whether or not the new Command and Conquer remaster will have microtransactions.

The post comes from a producer at EA, Jim Vessella, who was the Lead Producer of Kane’s Wrath. They’re looking for feedback from fans and plan to return the game series to PC rather than the failure that was Command and Conquer Rivals on mobile. When it was announced at E3 earlier this year, fans were disappointed.

As much as a cash cow mobile games are, not all games should be ported exclusively to mobile platforms in general. Rivals is an F2P strategy game where players fight 1v1 as GDI, Brotherhood of Nod, or Rivals. The goal is to capture a mission silo with control points for a period of time until it launches and destroys the enemy. Fans didn’t like it at E3.

Redwood Studios GM Michael Martinez said that they were trying to build a good strategy game for mobile platforms, and urged fans to give it a try. The most recent Command and Conquer game was released in 2013 called Command and Conquer: Generals 2. But it was canceled later on.

As of now, they have a lot of work to do. They’re working on a slimmed-down strategy game for the phone which is probably just a cheap cash grab like many games on the phone are catered to loyal fans who want the full experience again on its PC origins. They should focus their energy on what the fans want. Regardless, we’ll have to see how Rivals turns out.

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