xQc has agreed to mutually split with the Dallas Fuel and has parted with them on good word.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel mutually agrees to split with Dallas Fuel

Félix “xQc” Lengyel and the Dallas Fuel have mutually agreed to part ways, based on a press release from the Overwatch League team.

The Dallas Fuel announced that they’ve agreed with xQc to split up after the League announcing some penalties against player xQc and two other players- and even a head coach on March 10, 2018. xQc was fined $4,000 and also suspended for four upcoming games.

What did he do? He used a Titch emote in a “racially-disparaging” manner in the show’s Twitch chat and also used the same language against some shoutcasters and other players in his own stream on Twitch. Before this incident, he was also fined $2,000 and suspended for four games as well- making that a total of 8 games and $6,000 in fines.

xQc talked about this issue on his own stream in the middle of a competitive match. He states:

“When you get signed onto a team, they sign you with a [work] contract or whatever, right? But then the league has to approve your entry, right? So the league would have to manually approve my re-entry into another team. And I don’t know about that, my dude. Listen, I think’s that unlikely, to be fair.”

He’s the first League player to leave the original twelve games of the season. The Dallas Fuel has also stated that they’ll be looking for another player to provide for the flexibility for xQc’s leave from their roster.

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