Chrome is blocking crypto miners from the Chrome Web Store.

Google blocks crypto miner extensions from Chrome Web Store

Google has finally decided to get rid of any Chrome extensions that are mining for crypto.

Before this removal, Google allowed Chrome Web Store extensions to mine for cryptocurrencies as long as they clearly stated that they did such a thing and did nothing else but mine. This was the strict rule. Guess how it went?

Only about 10% of extensions actually followed this guideline whereas the rest didn’t. They would mine surreptitiously without user consent, which often increased resource usage and drained batteries faster.

Now, Google has decided to just cut off any crypto miners on the platform. You can now no longer submit your extension if you’re a developer and any current ones will be removed in June 2018. Sorry to the 10% of you. It’s the 90% that did this. Google has done right in this manner with the majority clearly not playing by the rules. They’re doing it to protect the end user anyway.

Google has announced that they would begin blocking any third-party applications from injecting code into Chrome. Accessibility and input software will be fine, but everything else will be halted. This is to stop malware from stealing passwords, tracking users, and doing other nonsense that harms users. Chrome 66 will warn users about injected code. Chrome 68 will only allow code to run after a warning. And in 2019, Chrome will block code injection completely.

Photo: Pixabay.

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