How to get Farfetch'd Pokemon Sword

How to Catch Farfetch’d in Pokemon Sword (And evolve Sirfetch’d)

Farfetch’d is one of the Pokemon trainers are looking to catch in Sword and Shield. If you’re one of them, here’s how you can catch this coveted Pokemon.

We’ll cover Farfetch’d first, then evolve it into Sirfetch’d. Note that you can’t catch the Kanto version, just Galarian Farfetch’d.

Only Pokemon Sword players can get Farfetch’d

For starters, only players that have Pokemon Sword can get Farfetch’d. If you have Pokemon Shield, you’ll have to trade with someone who has Sword.

There are exclusives for each version, in case you didn’t know.

You may have to trade with a buddy if you don’t have both copies.

What’s Farfetch’d located? And what’s the spawn rate and weather?

You can find Farfetch’d in either of these spawn locations:

  • Route 5 with a 5% spawn rate during any weather condition
  • Giant’s Mirror with a 5% spawn rate during overcast weather only

Route 5 will get you a Farfetch’d that has LVL 19-21 while Giant’s Mirror will be LVL 28-30.

You can only find Farfetch’d in the overworld view.

Both of these locations only spawn the Pokemon in the Galarian form.

Once you catch Farfetch’d, you can evolve it by getting 3 criticals in a single battle.

Once you do so, you can evolve the Pokemon.

Okay, so how do I evolve Farfetch’d?

As a tip, you can equip a Leek which helps you get more criticals during the fight.

You can also learn Leaf Blade which also helps get you more criticals.

This is only available at LVL 55, so you’ll have some grinding you’ll need to do.

Once you get the 3 crits in a single battle, Farfetch’d will evolve right away.

You can try to fight Pokemon that are stronger so you have more chances of getting the criticals you need.

Hitting all 3 may be hard, but keep trying and eventually you’ll have yourself an evolved form!