Is Temtem is the Pokemon MMO we’ve all been waiting for?

Crema, the developers of Immortal Redneck, is developing a Pokemon MMO-like game called Temtem.

They got the sources to crowdfund it and it’s supposed to the MMO every Pokemon player has been waiting for. It’s very similar to Nintendo’s monster-catching game. You’ll travel across many lands to find 8 Dojo leaders and lots of Temtem trainers. You need o capture creatures in the form of a digital card and then use them to fight other Tamers and their monster as well. This is just what you’d expect.

However, the game also has trainers all around the floating island each with their own Temtem monster in  Heart Gold-style format. The trailer shows off players going into battle and trading from the overworld, and the game has been designed as an online-focused game.

The characters, UI, and layout are all made for online gameplay. Some game mechanics have also been improved. If you breed the same monster repeatedly, it’ll net you diminishing returns. Battles are also 2v2 encounters and there will be no RNG elements as well.

The game is still in crowdfunding mode on Kickstarter. You can expect some very generous goodies for very generous backers. At $70,000, the game will be funded. Everything from an appearance in the game to your custom creature is possible. There’s already a Steam page for curious players if you’re interested in the game.

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There already is a Pokemon MMO out. It’s becoming incredibly popular and plays just like gold/silver version. That game should receive traction so that Nintendo can shut it down and upset those thousands of players for the lul.