Slime Rancher update.

New Quicksilver Slimes are crazy fast- Mochi’s Megabucks coming March 13 (get the deets)

Monomi’s Park hit title, Slime Rancher, is getting another awesome slime-filled area for ranchers to explore!

The Mochi’s Megabucks update is rolling out on March 13 and will add lots of goodies to new and familiar players alike. The theme of the update is “speed,” as the area is named Nimble Valley (appropriately). It’s an area that’s dense with trees and mountains and owned by none other than Mochi Miles. There will also be a new slime dubbed the Quicksilver Slimes, which are known for their quickness and ability to zip around ranchers at lightning-fast speeds.  They can match and beat your own movement speed- with ease!

Miles will give you some nice new vac-tech features to help you catch up and vacuum Quicksilver Slimes, such as the ability to launch sticky adhesive bubbles from your gun. If you do manage to hunt down a few and capture them, they eat electricity.

The Mochi Megabucks update also includes a new mode called Rush Mode. It’s basically a contest where you collect as many Newbucks as you possibly can within 5 days. If you play efficiently, you can extend it pretty far. If you play well, you’ll also have a few incentives given to you as rewards to explore the area. There will also be leaderboards to show your Rush Mode scores against other players.

The devs also plant o work on 2 other confirmed updates that are based on science. One is called the Automatic Update (1.3.0) and the other is Viktor’s Experimental Update (1.4.0) which will bring drones and VR to the game. There will also be another mode called Iron Rancher Mode which takes place in 1.4.0 which gives players to paly the game on a harder difficulty with new rules, challenges, quets, and even vamrpirc chickens.

You can check out their post on Steam here.

There’s a lot coming for Slime Rancher. Get happy and get some Golds.

Image via Steam.

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