No Man’s Sky update “The Abyss” goes live today; Get the details

Hello Games announced earlier this month that No Man’s Sky will be getting a free content pack update called The Abyss. Other than a spooky and ominous background splash art for the event, not much else was said. Sean Murray said that it “focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man’s Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season.”

The update will go live for all platforms today and will be a combination of horror and underwater gameplay. This is the first titled update since NEXT was released earlier this year. There are more updates in the works and it’s nice to see Hello Games keeping their fans happy with free content updates. The Abyss will bring aquatic environments with a ton more variety, creature behavior pattern updates, and a redone UI when underwater.

Some rare, exotic biomes are also available for the explorer as you swim around. There are also more frequent creatures lurking around the depths with some nasty ones on the ocean floor. You’ll also find sunken wrecks with possible treasures or abandoned buildings that have been submerged with water. With the terrain manipulator, you can excavate hidden treasures. Players will also be able to fix broken ships and recommission them once again.

The Abyss will also have a new story called The Dreams of the Deep, which brings a new, but a dark narrative to the game. Players will find out what happened to a troubled crew when their ship went awry.

Players will also get access to a new submarine type Exocrat called the Nautilon, which can be summoned to any ocean in the world and docked at underwater ports. The ship can be customized to your liking. There have also been a dozen new base parts added to the game for further underwater construction.

Marine shelters, glass corridors, and viewing bays will also be available for players. Multistory submersible view domes are also new and awesome which lets players get large viewing windows to view outside. And there’s an indoor aquarium to top it off.

The Abyss update for No Man’s Sky goes live today. No Man’s Sky is available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. You can view the trailer for the update following this article.

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