No Man’s Sky – Update V1.63: What’s new?

No Man’s Sky has kept their promise and is consistently pushing out new content for players ever since their last big update- No Man’s Sky Next. With the objective of having content roll out with every patch, players have been very pleased with this commitment to constant content.

The latest patch, V1.63, was released just a few days ago and works alongside the 5th Development Update for the game and is packed with new content. The most exciting part is probably the new Exocraft- the Pilgrim.

This vehicle is described to be very “rugged and fast moving.” Just from the looks of it, it really does. It’s like a speed bike equipped with some gnarly technology. Something from the future with off-road tires and antennas out the rear. The Pilgrim’s blueprints are widely available for anyone to purchase who can afford them, so anyone can buy them as long as they have the capital.

Hello Games is also improving the Exocraft Summoning Stations. Previous patches would require a separate station to be built for it, but now players will only need a single station per planet which has unlimited range.

Other improvements include a larger and expanded inventory, fixed races between vehicles, new upgrades for Exocrafts (including the Pilgrim) that changes handling, speed, boost power, and other stats, which are similar to the ship modules and multi-tool which will run nanites with each upgrade.

There are also a ton of bug fixes, visual upgrades, and object highlighting when the Analysis Visor is used. The game performance has also been upgraded with terrain tessellation on the PC version.

You can check out the full patch notes for No Man’s Sky V1.63 here. The game is available for PS4 and Xbox One and PC.

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