Nyko’s PixelQuest Kit turns your Switch into an arcade cabinet

Nyko has announced new plans to release a new arcade kit for the Nintendo Switch. It’s specifically called the PixelQuest Arcade Kit, which consists of unassembled cardboard that can be used to create a small arcade cabinet from the retro era. Similar to other Nintendo Labo kits, this will allow players to easily slide their Switch display right into the cardboard and has built-in cutouts for ventilation and access to the Switch’s ports.

Although it’s a first-party Labo kit, Nyko has a good history of developing licensed third-party products for Nintendo products. The kit will contain 8 pieces of perforated cardboard, 2 stick tops, 2 Joy-Con inserts for the shoulder bumpers, and plenty of assorted arcade stickers to design your own cabinet the way you want it to look. So far, it seems like a good choice for old-school or retro Nintendo gamers that like a blast from the past.

Nyko has the honors of producing one of the few independent Labo kits. There are currently just a few third-party kits you can buy, but they’re mainly in Japan where Labo has been a huge success. In the West, it’s one of the first third-party kits you can buy right now.

The PixelQuest Arcade Kit will retail for $19.99 on November 27th, 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

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