PC Building Simulator sells over 100,000 copies; Updates on the way

PC Building Simulator is probably the hottest simulator game in town.

It sold over 100K copies according to a press release from the developer. The game is constantly being updated and is a viral hit among PC or simulator game enthusiasts.

It’s a game by Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation where you need to fix, upgrade, and build PCs for guests. Players run their own computer repair shop and need to service customers who come in with issues with their PC. It gets pretty difficult in the later levels of the game as the problems get more and more advanced. The game has players doing everything from fixing them to building new ones from scratch.

The game scored licensing deals with many major companies like GeForce and EVGA. Their brands are represented in the game with true-to-life models of their parts. It’s been in early access since March 27th, 2018 and has sold over 100,000 copies so far. The success is amazing and there are more updates on the way.

PC Building Simulator is on Steam for just $19.99. The game’s well worth its price if you’re a computer enthusiast. A lot more updates are on the way and planned for the game, according to the company behind it. It’s surprising no other company has thought of this idea yet given that it’s such a widely popular hobby.

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