Sneaky nails cosplay as Marnie from Sword and Shield

League of Legends pro player Zach “Sneaky” Scuderi posed as Marnie from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The much-beloved streamer has always been a fan of dressing up and cosplaying as his favorite characters.

Ever since Sneaky was released from Cloud9’s LCS roster, he’s been busy streaming on Twitch with various games, cosplaying, and just kicking back with his viewers. He seems to be doing okay.

During his latest livestream yesterday on December 14th, he showed off his transformation from C9 Sneaky to Pokemon’s Marnie.

And this was no half-assed cosplay- he went all the way.

He wore the pink dress, styled his hair, and even put on the entire matching jacket.

His viewers were surprised at how he accomplished this, especially achieving the appearance of a character that’s the opposite gender.

But then again, he’s pulled off some elaborate stunts before.

Just glancing over the 3K comments on his Twitter, it appears that Sneaky’s fans are pleased and will look forward to his next dressup.