Sonic Mania Plus will have an art book, holographic color, and new features for the game.

Sonic Mania Plus, Sonic shoes, Sonic racing, and Sonic Adventures all confirmed

Sega announced that they’ll be releasing Sonic Mania Plus at a Sonic panel at SXSW Gaming.

The game is a physical edition of the original Sonic Mania, but it’s a lot more than just a remake. For starters, you get the actual disc. Collectors and Sonic fans will appreciate this for sure. You also get to play as Ray and Mighty- two new characters not available in the original Sonic Mania. There’s also a new Encore Mode, four-player mode, and a very nice holographic game package to wrap it all up in. It also includes a 32-page art book and a SEGA Genesis reversible cover as well. It’s a lot of Sonic.

The whole package will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018. It’ll retail for $29.99.

Strangely enough, there was even more Sonic in places you’d have never guessed.

Sega has partnered with Puma to release Sonic shoes. That’s right. Sonic shoes. It’ll be called the PUMA x SEGA RS-0 SONIC and will be available in June 2018. Gotta go fast!

The panel also revealed that there’s a new Sonic racing game coming out in a short teaser trailer. It shows distorted frames of different vehicles before showing a silhouette Sonic Racing logo. The previous game was released in 2012 and featured Sonic with other Sega characters like Gilius Thunderhead and Alex Kidd in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The game has been confirmed to not be a sequel to any other game and will be its own new series.

Here’s the trailer for the Sonic racing game:

And for even more Sonic, there’s a new run of Sonic Adventures to be released this year as well. It’s a five-episode run that was released on Sonic’s Twitter account where he must stop Doctor Eggman from kidnapping animals in nature. Weird.


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