Spartan Fist coming May 15th to Steam; it’s a “first-person puncher”

Spartan Fist launches May 15th on Steam.

Developer Glass Bottom Games has confirmed it in a press release. Spartan Fist is a first-person puncher game where players take control of a character named Emma Jones- a detective looking to make some big bucks quickly. Emma looks for the ultimate cash prize by entering the arena of Spartan Fist.

If you’ve played other games by Glass Bottom Games, you’ll notice the characters are a continuation of previous games like Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora and Jones On Fire. But the game doesn’t require any previous knowledge to play, so you’re okay if not.

There was also a new trailer released about the game which shows off some of the gameplay and unique blocky artwork that was used in previous games by the same developer. You can use fist-based weapons like “kitty fist” or “rock fist” which changes how your character punches. Every playthrough will be unique when the game is restarted.

The artwork is one to behold. It’s gory, violent, and awesome, but all done in a colorful array of blocky voxel goodness.

You can buy it on Steam for $15.

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