Staxel patch 1.3 – new quests, villagers, items, and a Friendship System

Staxel has just released version 1.3 which includes a few new features like a Friendship System, new festivals, and a lot more content updates.

If you’ve never heard of Staxel , it’s a game where players are cohabitating an island that has graphics very similar to Minecraft. Players are free to do what they want in the world, such as building, exploring, and interacting with others. The game even lets player relocate a whole town or build a giant city if they wanted. It’s like Minecraft in an alternate dimension.

In the 1.3 update, the first update is the Friendship System. It allows you to track your relationship with the city folk and doing things like interacting with them and talking with them will only get you the occasional gift and special Friendship Quests. You can also gift them and even have one move into your home as a roommate. The villagers also now have improved interaction with each other so it feels more like a village.

Staxel also received some new content in the form of festivals. Festivals allow players to earn rare items and do special in-game events. The announcement made by the developers on the Steam page didn’t go into detail as to what they are, so you’ll have to play the game to find out.

Other content includes new quests, items, and villagers. You can check out the full patch notes for the full list of updates in 1.3. Staxel’s new patch is now available to all players.

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