Steam Machine has been discontinued?

Steam Machine removed from Steam – Is Valve killing their PC console?

Valve, the developer of the omnipresent Steam DRM platform, has gone ahead and removed the sales section for Steam Machines.

It was two years ago when it first launched. Now, less than 500,000 units later, Steam has removed its console competitor.

It was supposed to be a unit that competes against pricey consoles. They’re basically pre-built PC gaming consoles run by SteamOS, which is a customized version of Linux OS. It gave gamers an alternative console experience for computer games instead of buying an expensive gaming computer.

However, if you look at Steam’s sales pages now, all you’ll see are the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and HTC Vive. Only the hardware accessories pages can be reached at this point- and only if you’re in the USA or UK. Anyone else will get nothing but a 404. You can still buy a Steam Machine, but it’s not a part of the DRM anymore. Well, not connected like how it used to be.

Valve’s idea was met with praise from many gamers when it was announced back in 2013. However, it quickly went to shreds when it was delayed again and again. Even after launch, SteamOS had many issues and also has rumors that it sold customer data. Even with constant updates to it, it still wasn’t enough to get gamers to buy it.

Now, Valve is giving up on the Steam Machine and looking to promote the Steam Link instead. The Link allows players to connect their PC to a TV using Wi-Fi. Although this is nothing new, it’s a way for Steam to get their proprietary product out there and get a piece of the action. This will be their new product going forward.


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