“Storm Area 51” level removed from Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo doesn’t want to hunker down on the latest trending “Storm Area 51” thing. One user on Reddit posted a new Super Mario Maker 2 level called “Storm Area 51!” Sadly, Nintendo deleted the level shortly after it went online.

With the rising event on Facebook having pretty much the whole world (exaggerated) march onto Area 51 to discover the secrets the government is hiding from us, it’s only obvious that a Super Mario Maker 2 level would be created, no?

This is pretty crazy and has made the news. But many think of this whole event as just a joke. Nintendo seems to be thinking the same, and thus removed the level from the game.

Why doesn’t it matter though? Do they not want to be involved in this? Do they think the government may actually retaliate? Do they know something we don’t know?

The level’s creator, zach2thefuture, stated that he was disappointed and had the following remarks:

“I’ve never had a popular course before, and it was fun reading the comments and seeing so many people enjoy it,”

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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