Tropico 4 and Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility list

This month will ring in two new titles for the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list. The two titles are pretty random and have no logical reasoning behind them- at least from a consumer’s perspective.

Usually, when games join the list, there’s some logic to it. For instance, last week’s additions were the entire Crysis series going backward compatible on the Xbox One. And the week before that, the older Tomb Raider games were added.

But this week, Xbox gets Tropico 4 and LEGO Star WarsII: The Original Trilogy. If either of these games tickle your fancy, you can now play them on your Xbox One as they’re the newest games to join the party of backward compatible games.

LEGO Star Wars II joins the LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, which was already part of the list and makes no logical sense. Tropico 4 marks the first Xbox 360 era Tropico game that’s been added to the Xbox One.

Regardless, Microsoft has been coming through with its Xbox One Backward Compatilbity list, which is leagues ahead of Sony. This may be why Sony is filing for backward compatibility via emulation for the next-gen PS5.



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