Twitch streamer Johnny_Now locks himself in a cage for 30 days

Twitch streamer Johnny_Now has confined himself to a cage for 30 days. He says that he wants to break his addiction to fast food and unhealthy beverages (soda) and believes that the 30 days locked into a small area will help him break free.

He believes that this will help him “free himself from within,” as he’s also documenting his progress by writing a book titled “Into the Cage: Freeing Yourself Within.”

Physical confinement can surely drive one crazy, but at the same time, there have been historical figures that have been prisoners for extended periods of time and became “cleansed” when released. Although this feat is on a much smaller scale and in a controlled environment (he has an assistant to bring him meals or other necessities and the cage looks like it’s easily broken), this still is pretty impressive for at-will confinement.

Johnny’s profile outlines and details some of his goals:

“I hope I conquer this cage and come out a better, stronger person. But who knows, the cage might easily conquer me.”

“For the next 30 days, I’ll be living in a cage in my living room. This cage will restrain me from my weaknesses, and hopefully help me become a better person.”

He dubs what he’s doing as a “self-improvement” program. He puts on some oven mitts later on and explains how he’s trying to restrain himself- from himself. He notes he’s “addicted to food” and “addicted to sugar.” In other words, he’s a “prisoner to my own desires” and has taken the extreme route of sending himself to prison.

Jonny also plans to change careers and has another adventure up his sleeve after the 30-day challenge. He’s currently on Day 6 of his personal cleansing and will continue. You can watch his stream on Twitch.

Image via Johnny_Now.

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