How to catch Feebas and Milotic in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Looking for Feebas so you can evolve it into Milotic in Pokemon Sword and Shield? The rare Feebas can only be found in a very specific manner and trainers have been going in circles to catch one.

Here’s how to get Feebas and Milotic.

Where to find Feebas

Feebas is one of the harder Pokemon to catch simply because it spawns in only a single location. You can find Feebas in fishing Route 2 next to the Professor’s House. Look in the lake to the left of the home.

Feebas spawn rate and weather condition

Feebas only has a 1% spawn rate, which means you’ll see it only once out of 100 tries. You’ll be busy.

There’s no specific weather condition to fulfill other than the 1% chance of spawn.

Once you do see one and catch it, it’ll be between LVL 37 and 40. The snakey fish Pokemon is pretty weak, but worth mentioning just because of the super low spawn rate.

How to evolve Feebas into Milotic

Feebas is a mere fish who doesn’t really show much threat. But once you evolve Feebas into Milotic, then you’ll be turning some heads and shaking some boots on the battlefield!

To evolve Feebas into Milotic, you need to get the Prism Scale. Equip it on Feebas and then trade the Pokemon. It’ll then evolve into Milotic.

The Kanto Pokemon are definitely old-school players are looking to collect.

Prism Scale location

You can find the Prism Scale towards the 7 o’clock position from the Professor’s House.

So it’s not far from the original location of Feebas. After equipping it and trading Feebas, trade once again to get Milotic back.

Where to find Milotic

You can also catch Milotic out and about by South Lake Miloch during heavy fog.

The spawn rate is also very low and the specifics aren’t well-documented. But it’s easier to just get Feebas and then evolve rather than trying to catch Milotic.