WWE 2K19: Lana shows disapproval with her character’s outfit

Lana, the WWE wrestler is finally available as a playable character in WWE 2K19. The issue is, the real actual Lana seemed to be somewhat unhappy with her character’s attire in-game.

In previous titles, she was only selectable as a manager. Now, she can actually be used a wrestler the ring which is pretty awesome. 2K Games announced that Lana will be playable for the first time ever since it’s pretty exciting news.

Lana’s character model wears an attire she never once wore inside the ring. It’s an attire she wore during a photoshoot when the WWE were partying Oscar-nominated shows/movies. Lana was parodying Margot Robbie’s “I, Tonya” based on the ice skater Tonya Harding. Lana then tweeted about it with disapproval and her rating score of 70:

This isn’t an issue because Lana and Lana fans will be able to change her attire in the game easily. 2K Games is just offering a preset costume, but the players will be able to use whatever they wish currently available in the skin pack.

2K Games may release an updated character attire before the game releases on October 9th for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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