100 Thieves’ Nadeshot reveals the most money he’s ever made

Nadeshot reveals the “most money he’s ever cashed” during an interview with The Mob’s Mobcast.

The CEO of 100 Thieves just goes to show that there’s definitely some money to be made in esports- even if you’re not on the frontlines. Nadeshot was known for his beginnings as a CoD player and then branched out through Twitch. He then quickly rose to become CEO of 100 Thieves, one of the largest esport competitive teams on the planet.

While most esport champions, let alone CEOs, won’t disclose money matters, Nadeshot was asked the question during his Mobcast session.

He was asked about the largest check he’s ever cashed or the most money he’s ever made. Nadeshot was semi-awkward during his response, but a few seconds later he spits out a “3 million” to the masses. Carelessly.

The Mobcast team was in utter surprise. He then tacks on “that was a good day,” which could mean that this isn’t the norm.

Regardless, the amount of money to made in esports and gaming is huge. With Twitch, esports, and even casual streaming becoming the mainstream way gamers eat up content, there’s no calming this storm.