How to catch Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Looking for Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield? This guide will teach you how where to find the Pokemon and the spawn percentages along with Morpeko’s location.

The main reason why most people want to get a Morpeko is none other than Hangry Mode, when it goes full crazy.

You can find Morpeko in a few locations through the Galar Region:

  • Route 9 with a 5% spawn rate (LVL 40-44)
  • Route 7 with a 5% spawn rate (LVL 37-41)
  • Lake of Outrage with a 4% spawn rate (LVL 55-58)

Lake of Outrage must have thunderstorm weather conditions to spawn Morpeko.

Route 9 proves to be the only place you find Morpeko on the non-overworld. The other two locations (Route 7 and Lake of Outrage are both overworld spawns). You’ll only find Morpeko in the happy Full Belly mode, rather than Hangry Mode.

You can switch between the two modes using Hunger Switch. This lets you choose strategically which mode to enter battles with. Morpeko also has a move called Aura Wheel and can change the type from electric to dark.