New Switch Lite has double the battery

The new Nintendo Switch will have nearly double the battery life of the previous console.

Nintendo has upgraded the battery where now it’ll run up to 9H of runtime, which is nearly double that of the previous gen.

Tom’s Guide did the legwork and determined that this is indeed true.

They played an endless 8-player CPU battle in SSBU on both consoles. They basically tried to make them both drain the battery as fast as possible, and maxed out the brightness also.

The Switch that was just released had about 5H of runtime whereas the old one ran for about 2.5H, which means this is nearly double the battery.

For those who don’t want to pick up the new Switch Lite, this may just sway your opinion. Or not. But keep in mind, you could just get a portal battery pack for the old Switch, so yeah.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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