No Man’s Sky Beyond plagued with performance problems

No Man’s Sky Beyond will be the next entry from Hello Games, which just went live today with 32 player support on PC and VR support.

There are also a bunch of new stuff that it comes with, but we won’t talk about that as it’s been said and done many times already. This update brings a bunch of gameplay optimizations, and some features that players have been asking for some time.

So far, the game runs pretty well, but there are some noticeable game crashes, especially when entering The Nexus. Thi is where new players can hang out together and queue up for quests.

Personally, I didn’t get many crashes during my experience of 3 hours or so. However, joining the first mission with others directly lead to a game crash right away. And then another. But then joining again the third time didn’t see to have any problems.

Other problems such as screen freezing, posing, and even just loading up the map seem to be prevalent from player reports.

The game’s VR support has been pretty much exactly as people would expect. Some players have complained about lag and other things, but nothing too bad. However, there were some complaints about crashing also.

With an update of this size, there should be some bugs here and there. Maybe they just were expected. We should see a hotfix from Hello Games soon.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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