Amazon's Alexa will recognize your voice.

Amazon’s Alexa will become more “humanlike” with voice recognition

Amazon’s Alexa gained the ability to recognize different voices in the household last month.

Amazon's Alexa will recognize your voice.
Amazon’s Alexa will be able to recognize voices.

With this feature, Amazon will be able to use its voice assistant to even further customize its weather reports, traffic, jokes, and of course, ordering process.

Developers have been testing this ability out and it should be rolling out to more and more devs some time next year.

This level of personalization is only the beginning. It’s part of a whole set of new features rolling out as stated at Amazon Web Services’ annual re:InventĀ conference.

These personalization features are helping to make Alexa much more enjoyable and pleasant so that it’s more chatty and humanlike. It reduces the canned responses you hear over and over and makes her more like a regular human being so that customers will actually want to interact with her more often (thus possibly making more purchases as well). She’ll be able to carry on conversations, chat, and even use personalized responses.

With these upgrades, Alexa could be the world’s most human-like voice assistant- ever.

Amazon is the world’s most “consumer-centric” shopping experience. Adding the ability to recognize voices of each individual in order to even further cater to the customer is something that’s mindblowing, yet expected at the same time. It’s pretty scary to think about, actually.