Samsung Graphene battery.

Samsung’s Graphene batteries charge to nearly 50% in 12 minutes

Samsung’s carbon allotrope Graphene batteries could be the next big thing.

Samsung Graphene battery.
Samsung’s Graphene batteries let you charge your phone rapidly. It’s a huge improvement over standard lithium-ion batteries as pictured.

Graphene is currently used to power things like electric vehicles and even some smartphones. Samsung went ahead and found a way to process this material into a ball. The ball is then able to power smartphones on a larger scale.

This kind of technology will allow you to rapidly charge your phone the way a lot of electric vehicles do. They charge quickly to a specific percentage capacity before they trickle off. Samsung states that this battery will charge to about 45% is just a quick 12 minutes. That’s impressive.

Imagine going to a McDonald’s and charging your 1% battery to 45% faster than you can eat a Big Mac meal. That’s convenient.

They’re currently working on a way to make this ball material into a large-scale project for production level…production. Graphene is fused with silica in order to make these balls and used for both the protective anode layer and cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. This allows for faster charging and a bigger capacity as well.

Samsung has already patented two separate entries for this process and technology, so graphene batteries aren’t so far off. We may see the tech mass-produced graphene smartphone rolling out.

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