Apple rumored to be ditching physical buttons on the Apple Watch

FastCompany released a report today saying that Apple will release a future version of the Apple Watch that’ll have touch-sensitive buttons instead of clickable ones.

This applies to both the crown and traditional single button watches that currently show the apps recently used. However, the button configuration won’t change. They’ll stay the same and the user will be able to touch each one and the watch will provide haptic feedback.

A similar change was made to the iPhone 7, which was filed with mixed reactions. MacBook trackpads did the same thing with localized feedback.

It’s also said that the change will be made to free up space in the device for other parts. This could also help with water resistance also as Apple is rumored to be working on a new biometric sensor to the buttons. This shouldn’t be surprising given their history of ditching buttons when possible.

The next Apple Watch is due for release this Septemeber. If this feature isn’t implemented yet, it’ll likely be next year’s model instead.

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