Arcade Tycoon rolls on August 22, build, manage, and expand your arcade biz

Arcade Tycoon will be the latest “tycoon” type game rolling out on August 22.

There’s pretty much a tycoon game for every possible genre out there now, and I’m pretty sure there are already a few arcade types that exist also.

This entry is no exception. Arcade Tycoon has you overseeing an arcade from a small place in your garage to an empire of arcades in the busy city. Players expand over time and can watch their business (and profits) grow.

Arcade Tycoon is developed by Vincent King Studios.

As with any other tycoon game, the point is to balance customer happiness and maximize profits. When you go one way or the other, one will suffer.

You can construct many different types of arcade machines, pinball systems, golf, and much more. Everything from building, buying, expanding, and staff management will be a factor.

The game also has a tech tree, security, and other various goofy things that you’ll have to watch over during your rise in the arcade biz.

Vincent King has stated that there will be a campaign that covers 16 levels with challenge modes and the obligatory sandbox mode.

For veterans and newbies alike, there will be difficulty settings that can be adjusted to suit your playstyle.

And of course, you get the traditional isometric viewpoint with gorgeous pixel artwork which fully represents the arcade era.

You can check out the trailer for Arcade Tycoon here:

Arcade Tycoon rolls out August 22 for the PC. You can check it out on Steam.

David Wong

David Wong

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