Cuphead is coming to Tesla, Musk confirms

Own a Tesla? Love Cuphead? You’re in for a treat!

Now you can vent your road rage with one of the most difficult bullet-hell sidescroller adventure games of all time.

Cuphead is coming to Tesla cars soon. Yup. That’s right. You’ll soon be able to play Cuphead in your car alongside your Atari classic library.

Out of all places on earth, and specifically all vehicles, why Teslas?

Elon Musk announced the news on a weekly Tesla Podcast called Ride the Lightning hosted by Ryan McCaffrey.

Musk stated that Cuphead will be coming to Tesla Model 3, S, and X. He also mentioned that the game even works right now:

Cuphead, we’ve got working, [Studio MDHR] have been helping us make it work. It’s a cool game. It’s insanely difficult. It’s sadistically difficult. It’s a twisted plot. It’s dark. It looks like some cute little Disney thing and you’re like, ‘This plot is very dark.”

Elon Musk

Musk, being the gamer he is, seems to be relatively excited over this. Of course, this is a very niche integration, and out of all people, it’d definitely being something right up Musk’s alley. On one hand, I’m not surprised at all.

Musk said they’re working on porting the Unity game engine to his cars, which would mean we’d have support for pretty much all the gaming in your car you could possible ever want.

Cuphead runs on Unity, so there should be no problem getting this game over to his fleet of cars.

Maja Moldenhauer, a developer at Studio MDHR commented that they’ve already begun the porting process and the Tesla version is already looking “nice and clean.”

Cuphead will be available on Tesla cars some time this summer. Currently, Tesla owners can play classic Atari games on the Model X, S, and 3 variants like Asteroids.

Regardless, you’ll never be bored in your car again. This kind of thing would only come from Tesla out of all places.