ARK: Survival Evolved takes up ~300GB of space for the full experience

With the shaky history that ARK: Survival Evolved has, you can bet your ass that the game still has some areas where Studio Wildcard can improve on.

On the ARK discussion forums, players are complaining that the game uses “too much disc space.”

The full package (base game, DLCs, and free maps) takes up almost a whopping 300GB of storage space. On a desktop? That’s probably OK. Most desktops come with an SSD for the basic OS and an extended 7200 HDD for backup.

Of course, running ARK on an HDD wouldn’t be advisable as the game has long loading times and still suffers from performance problems since inception.

However, on a laptop, some players are just outright saying the game is unplayable. Many laptops come with 512GB of space, which is probably not enough for the average player to install everything.

So what can you do?

  • Limit your DLCs
  • Limit your free maps
  • Upgrade your hardware
  • Compress your files

That’s about it. A solution has been proposed to Studio Wildcard to make additional features available on the Steam Workshop, or maybe just release lower-texture packs to save on space.

This will be interesting. The game already has a ton going for it, but now it’s starting to suffer from performance because there’s just too much stuff.

What do you think their next move should be?