The best Switch Lite color based on 622 votes 1

The best Switch Lite color based on 622 votes

The folks over at ResetEra have voted. On a thread that I was watching, the members of the forum had the opportunity to vote the best Switch Lite color.

The thread was started by user fluffydelusions and was a basic poll of turquoise, grey, or yellow.

At the time of this writing, here are the stats:

  • Turquoise takes the cake with almost half the votes.
  • Yellow and gray come in second place with an almost even split.

This is based on 622 votes over a period of about 8 days.

What's the best Switch Lite color?

We can see that that majority likes the turquoise color out of the trio. Personally, I think it looks like best also. The gray is just plain and the yellow seems way too “different.”

Some players made some snarky remarks, as we can expect as not everyone seems to be on board with the Switch Lite.

Here were some of my favorites:

“one that doesn’t exist yet”


“None. There’s no contrast. A simple change like making the buttons black would make the initial colors better.”

– FernandoRocker

“The launch colors all suck, which I guess is intentional. So that they can release actually nice colors later and bump sales numbers again. Welcome to capitalism. :)”


The poll is still ongoing so I’ll be keeping track until the numbers dwindle. You can check out the thread here if you’d like.