ARK: Survival Evolved new moth-like creature- What is it?

Developer Studio Wildcard posted a new topic on the Steam discussion board for ARK: Survival Evolved.

The topic was mysteriously titled “Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ????” Mysteriously enough, the post just had a picture of a cybernetic, futuristic, moth-like creature.

The post asked the community what they think this creature is. And of course, payers chimed in with their thoughts.

Some of them were blatant descriptions such as “bugzilla” and others called it the next “mothman.”

ARK: Survival Evolved new moth-like creature- What is it? 2

Other guesses included “queen bee that is killer” and “wasp like creature.”

Whatever this thing is, it’s coming soon to ARK. Personally, I think it’s a hybrid mosquito/moth or something. Definitely will have some kind of futuristic ability to add to the game.

Right now, we’re still waiting on the devs to give us more hints.

In the meantime, Studio Wildcard, we’ll just keep guessing.

What do you think it is?

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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