What's the most popular gaming resolution? (Based on 1136 votes) 1

What’s the most popular gaming resolution? (Based on 1136 votes)

With the emergence of next-gen graphics cards, is it time to upgrade?

I’m still rocking an “old-school” GTX 1070. It seemed like the 20xx series just came about way too fast. Was it just me? Or did the 10-series only last a short time?

Even with the modern games I play (mainly the cheapos or free Steam games), I can max out at 1440p 100FPS. Is it time to upgrade yet? With 4K quickly becoming the new standard and the 20xx cards becoming more prevalent- what’s the resolution most people use nowadays? How ’bout the FPS?

A recent poll on ResetEra prompted me to write this post. Based on 1136 votes at the time of this writing, it seems like 1080p at 60FPS is still the norm. The second most popular is 1440p at 120FPS. So I’m currently somewhere in the middle.

Popular gaming resolution.
Kinda surprised, TBH.

Why though?

Is it because gamers aren’t ready to upgrade to the fancy RTX cards? Or are the monitors not catching up with pricing to make them available to the masses? Are 4K and RTX cards still too expensive? Or are there just not enough games that support this resolution yet?

What do you think? And what resolution are you running?