Assassin’s Creed Odyssey description leaked on the PS Store

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey had a description leak on the PS Store for just a tidbit in time.

A post was found on Reddit that had someone show off a screenshot of the game’s description. However, the only confirmation about this game is a tweet from the official Twitter account that only says “SEE YOU AT E3” in bold letters on a new logo and title.

There isn’t much about the game beyond that.

From the leak, we can see that the game will be during Spartan times where your choices affect the outcome of the game. If the description is accurate, the game will likely take place in Greece. This would be the first time a game from the AC series has taken place in this setting. It’s been mentioned multiple times already in the series.

The image for the game’s art shows off some Greek weaponry that the Spartans toted during their time in wars. Spartans would venture in the night to stealthily assassinate targets, so it’s fitting for the next title.

As of now, this is all just hearsay. Nothing is confirmed. We’ll have to stay tuned and wait for the announcement at some point during E3.

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