Hitman 2 being developed by Warner Bros. leaked pre-E3

Another game was leaked before E3 on the 4th of June.0506

It was Hitman 2. And it had a logo on Warner Bros. Interactive’s page. Since then, it’s been removed. It’s unknown if the title is just a remake or a related game to the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin game which was released back in 2002. It’s likely season two of Hitman which got a retail release with Warner Bros. this year and started releases back in 2016.

IO-Interactive is the developer which was originally a part of Square Enix before they were sold off. It got to keep the rights to the series which they’ve held onto since 2000. CEO Hakan Abrack confirmed a new entry is being developed back in late 2017, so this is probably the game he was talking about.

The official Hitman and WB Games Twitter account have also been teasing a new game. It hinted at a return of Agent 47 stating that news was coming on June 7th, and it pointed out that a game reveals referencing their pre-E3 announcement. The teaser showed off a racecar with the Hamsun brand. Hitman gamers will know that this is a makeshift oil company in season 1 of the of the original episodic Hitman title released by Square Enix.

Since 2000, the series has spanned six games and is a popular title for its stealth action gameplay. The latest title was released in 2016 and was praised for its movie-like content, but still received a mixed reception. IO-Interactive is likely to continue with the episodic content strategy as they’ve been working on it during their sale from Square Enix.

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