Best-selling PSVR titles of all time documented

Mat Piscatella, a video game industry analyst working for The NPD Group, documented the five best-selling games of all time based on the PSVR label in the US. He posted his research via a tweet on his Twiter account. He listed the top five best-selling “PSVR Required” titles in order of sales:

  • Farpoint
  • Worlds VR
  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Driveclub VR

He noted that the ranking was determined by dollar sales. Whether or not you like these titles, sales are the best measurement of how a game performs. While we can argue back and forth with personal anecdotes, Metacritic scores, and even personal reviews, nothing can be said about the sales figures for games.

This is often the strongest measure of success in the industry. Even if you’ve heard a game sucks, as long as it sells, it’s a success.

Piscatella ranked the games by dollar amount and not sales figures. His research only contains PS4 games that require PSVR, not where the VR is optional. Three of the five games were published by Sony and Sony’s offerings have been more popular than others in terms of PSVR

First-party titles seem to be often more successful than third-party games in terms of PSVR sales overall. With only Skyrim and Batman being third-party titles, they need to step it up in order to compete with Sony’s own lineup. Of course, it’s much easier for Sony to promote their own titles on their own PS Store.

VR gaming is becoming more mainstream as companies like Sony facilitate the process. With the rise of more affordable VR tech, like the Oculus Quest, VR gaming is only expanding worldwide. As we get more and more games adopting this tech, we’re entering a new frontier. Or should I say, a new dimension?

Image: PlayStation.

Source: The NPD Group.

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